5L oxygen concentrator light weight 14.5kgs optional with nebulizer and purity alarm

Short Description:

Work Principle

♦KSN series of Medical oxygen concentrator is made up of filter system, compressor, adsorb tower, electrical control system, humidifier system and the reasonable air course from case structure. It adopts the current world’s advanced transformation absorption (PSA) principle. It separates the oxygen and nitrogen under common temperature and pressure, then obtain the medical oxygen which consists with the Medical standards. Pure physical manner of making oxygen, without any additives, no disposals, pollution-free, fresh and natural.

Product Detail

5L oxygen concentrator light weight 14.5kgs optional with nebulizer and purity alarm


5L oxygen concentrator light weight  (



Oxygen concentrator


Product Detail:

♦Superior oxygen Atomizing technology

♦Advanced PSA technology

♦France Imported molecular sieve bed

♦Power-off alarming system

♦Timing system and time setting

♦Compact design and light weight 14.5kg only

♦Environmental protective, without harmful during using


♦Power off alarm, Overload protection, High/Low pressure alarm, Temperature alarm, Error code indication, Nebulizer, Oxygen purity alarm




♦ Model: KSN-5 Elite

♦ Oxygen Purity: 93±3%

♦ Flow Range: 1-5L

♦ Input Voltage: 220V/50HZ

♦ Output Pressure: 30-70kPa

♦ Noise:45dB

♦ Power: 350W

♦ Weight: 14.5kg

♦ Size: 350mm×340mm×475mm

The performance instruction

♦Classical of electrical safety: II Equipment, BF type application

♦Running model: continuous operation.

♦Outlet pressure0.04 MPa0.08MPa

♦Pressure range of the atomization outlet is 60kPa~250kPa. Safety valve ♦pressure range15 kPa40 kPa

♦Overloading protector specification250V AC, 3A

How to use the function of nebulizer

♦Take out the accompanied nebulizer, pour into proper atomized liquid by doctor’s advice, fix the water laps and tighten the cover in the clockwise.

♦Unscrew the atomization cap and insert the atomization tube. Connect the other head of the atomization tube with the connecting nozzle on the nebulizer bottom.

♦Turn on the oxygen concentrator and then put the mouthpiece into mouth and then the inhalation therapy starts.

♦The pressure range of atomizing oxygen concentrator is 60kPa~ 250kPa.

♦The atomization rate of the nebulizer on the oxygen concentrator0.2mL/ min.

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