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    Konsung medical attended in CMEF exhibition show at Shanghai
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    A team of nearly 100 people with high education and high quality. They are the core strength of Konsung's technology development and innovation.


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  • World Hepatitis Awareness Day

    “HEP CAN’T WAIT” With a person dying every 30 seconds from a hepatitis related illness – even in the current crisis – we can’t wait to act on viral hepatitis (World Health Organization). Considering the screening of hepatitis, here are the calls from WHO: ·People living with viral hepatitis unaw...
  • “The reference value of triglyceride (TG)...

    (retrieved from MedicineNet) <150 mg/dl   normal standard 150-200 mg/dL  borderline level 200 mg/dl   an increased risk of atherosclerosis ≥500mg/dl  pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) When the physical examination report shows a borderline level value of triglyceride (TG), lots of pati...


To Dear Customer and Dealer

To Dear Customer and Dealer

We Jiangsu Konsung Bio Medical Science and Technology CO.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer focus on Oxygen Concentrator, patient monitor and so on medical products , and we don’t have any other firm or party under the name of Konsung to sold our Oxygen Concentrator and other medical products. Recently we get notification from customer , someone send quotation at low price for our Oxygen Concentrator 5L and 10L under Konsung name , we hereby declaim that those guy are not our worker, they are Swindler . Bellow is some info the Swindler using : Swindler : Zhang Shenwu, Chen ZhiRong Mail: Shenwu.zhang@konsungmed.com Shenwu.zhang@konsung-medical.com Swindler’s tel&Fax: Tel: 86-511-86374077 Fax: 86-511-86375059 (Fake and can’t reach to call) Swindler website Domain: www.konsungmed.com, www.konsung-medical.com Swindler stamp and Signature: Kindly attention and notice above Swindler’s information, to avoid your lost , we have reported to China Police and the web holder. If you want to buy Konsung products, kindly contact us with via our official website , and payment should come to the beneficiary at name of Jiangsu Konsung Bio Medical and Science and Technology Co.,LTD.
Jiangsu Kosnung Bio Medical Science and Technology Co.,Ltd 2021-7-15