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    Konsung medical attended in CMEF exhibition show at Shanghai
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    A team of nearly 100 people with high education and high quality. They are the core strength of Konsung's technology development and innovation.


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  • Konsung Medical & Zhongyi Group Co., Ltd. implements the United Nations aid to Nepal epidemic prevention material project

    Konsung Medical & Zhongyi Group Co.,...

    Konsung medical & China National Instruments performed the UNDP project which aids anti-epidemic supplies to Nepal. It is reported from UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) that, UNDP handed anti-epidemic supplies, 400 units of oxygen concentrators, to Nepal government and Ministry of ...
  • #World-Blood-Donor-Day#  June 14th

    #World-Blood-Donor-Day# June 14th

    “Blood Donation In This Epidemic Period” Besides traditional blood donation, convalescent plasma donation from COVID-19 patients is urgently needed as material of specific medicine for COVID-19 and a therapy for critical COVID-19 infected patients. And what may help us to find optimal convalescen...