3L oxygen concentrator with advanced PSA technology and light weight machine 12kgs

Short Description:

♦Superior oxygen Atomizing technology

♦Advanced PSA technology

♦France Imported molecular sieve bed

♦Power-off alarming system

Product Detail

3L oxygen concentrator with advanced PSA technology and light weight machine 12kgs


3L oxygen concentrator with advanced P (



Oxygen concentrator


Product Detail:

♦Timing system and time setting

♦Compact design and light weight 13kg only

♦Environmental protective, without harmful during using



♦Power off alarm, Overload protection, High/Low pressure alarm, Temperature alarm, Error code indication, Nebulizer, Oxygen purity alarm



♦ Model: KSN-3 Elite

♦ Oxygen Purity: 93±3%

♦ Flow Range: 1-5L

♦ Input Voltage: 220V/50HZ

♦ Noise: 43dB

♦ Output Pressure: 40-60kPa

♦ Power: 240W

♦ Weight: 13kg

♦ Size: 350mm×340mm×475mm


♦ Alarm system design aims at monitoring the working oxygen concentrator in case of such situations as power off, abnormal pressure or indicator of running condition of the equipment. All alarms of the machine are technical alarms.

♦ It includes an acoustic alarm system and a visual alarm system. The power is on, there will be a buzzing sound when power disconnects at any time together with the red light on, which is called high priority audible alarm.

♦ During normal operation, please shut down the concentrator if there is any alarm.

♦ KSN-3 oxygen concentrator can be shut down with timing equipment. The longest period is 10 hours. The timing interval can be 10 minutes (within 1-hour timing) or 30 minutes (more than 1-hour timing). When the shut hours are set, the system comes into count down time and the oxygen concentrator LCD will shows the remaining time. When Remaining time becomes 0, the oxygen concentrator will shut automatically and will go to sleeping status.

♦ When the oxygen concentrator is in the dormant state, it can be restarted by use of wireless remote-control launcher. When it’s in the working state, the remote control can operate such activities as timing and shutdown. The Max. remote control distance is 50m.

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