“Hepatitis – A Disease with Greater Threat than HIV in Africa”

Hepatitis affects over 70 million Africans, with larger infected population than HIV/AIDS, malaria, or tuberculosis. However, it is still neglected. 

Among the more than 70 million cases, 60 million are with hepatitis B and 10 million are with hepatitis C. Hepatitis B infection is preventable and treatable. Hepatitis C virus infection (HCV) is curable. However, given the situation of lacking screening and monitoring medical equipment, the poor condition of hepatitis prevention and treatment in Africa cannot be improved. Dry Biochemistry Analyzer may solve this problem.

What a Dry Biochemistry Analyzer can do?

1) Screening for liver functions, such as hepatitis and other liver infections

2) Monitoring the progression of hepatitis, measure the severity of a disease

3) Evaluating the efficiency of therapy

4) Monitoring possible side effects of medications

Why Dry Biochemistry Analyzer is more suitable in Africa?

1) Disposable consumables, clean and with low cost per test.

2) One step operation only takes 3 min to get one test result.

3) Applies Reflection spectrophotometry, ensuring excellent performance and precision.

4) 45μL sample volume, with capillary blood (fingertip blood), even unskilled personnel can easily operate it.

5) Applies dry chemical method, without fluid system, which requires low maintenance.

6) Constant temperature control system, suitable for use in all environments.

7) Optional printer, meet requirements of all kinds of health facilities.

Post time: Sep-09-2021