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E-health Solution


E-Health Solution (2)


E-health Solution


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Konsung Tele medical monitor is specially designed for public health project, suitable for rural area, nurse station, small clinic and health center.

◆It is built in with basic 4 parameter and support customized function extension.

It can be integrated with cloud server and public health system.

◆With swiping the ID card of patient, it can create patient profile in system fast, form a health report after examining the patient, and send t he health report to cloud server in real time.

◆The expert could diagnose for the patient online in the health center, or make an face to face diagnostic through video.

You can build your own E-health system through Konsung tele medical monitor


Product Details

◆Konsung E-Health monitor is compact and portable designed, supporting 3G or 4G and Wifi, video conference, real time data exchange with health cloud server.

◆Konsung E-Health monitor support app install and integrate monitor parameter. Basic function: 12-lead ECG, NIBP, TEMP, SpO2.

◆Optional function: Glucose, Urine, LIPID, WBC analyzer, Digital Stethoscope, Spirometer, Hb1Ac and customized function.


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