Dry Biochemistry Analyzer

Short Description:

◆The dry biochemical analyzer is a portable dry biochemical quantitative analysis instrument. Using conjunction with the supporting test card the analyzer adopts reflectance photometry to achieve rapid and quantitative detection of the content in blood.

Working principle:

◆ The dry biochemical test card is placed in the test bracket of the analyzer, and the blood sample is dropped into the test card for reaction. The optical system of the analyzer will act after closing the bracket. The specific wavelength is irradiated to the blood sample, and the reflected light is collected by the collecting module to perform the photoelectric conversion, then the content of the blood is analyzed by the data processing unit.

◆ The dry biochemical analyzer with high accuracy and rapid detection, it is stable in performance and easy to use. It is suitable for medical institutions, especially grassroots medical and health institution, community clinic, clinics/emergency department, blood station, blood collecting vehicle, blood sampling room, maternal and child care service centre and home use.

Product Detail

Dry Biochemistry Analyzer

Dry Biochemistry Analyzer

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Product Detail

 Data transmission: it can upload data by USB, blue teeth, wifi and GPRS…

 Intelligentization: The machine can offer corresponding treatment advice basis on test result.

 Test item: TC(total cholesterol), TG(triglyceride), HDL(high-density lipoprotein), LDL(low-density lipoprotein), Glu (Glucose)

Test method: Dry chemistry

Sample dosage ≤ 60μl

◆ Inspection time ≤ 3min;

◆ Type of sample: peripheral blood or venous blood

◆ Display: it can display test result and historical record query

◆ Power: 5V/3A power adapter, built-in lithium battery

◆ Heating module: the equipment will design temperature in the condition of cold environment.


Data transmission USB, blue teeth, Wifi, GPRS
Test Item TC, TG, HDL, LDL, Glu
Test method Dry chemistry
Sample dosage ≤ 60μl
Inspection Time ≤ 3min
Type of sample peripheral blood or venous blood
Power 5V/3A power adapter, built-in lithium battery
Range of inspection CHOL:100-500mg/dL
Repeatability CV≤2%
Accuracy ≤±3%

Analyzer Features


Test Cards


Easy Operation


1. Insert the test card after calibration with code chip.

2. Take sufficient amount of blood with pipette.

3. Apply the blood sample to the test card and start testing.

4. Check test results after 3 mins.

Application Scenarios


Clinics, family doctors:
For disease screening and diagnosis of patients' conditions.

Recommended test cards:
Lipids+Glucose, liver function, kidney function


Chronic disease management:
Pharmacies, chronic disease management, and health management institutions provide long-term monitoring for patients with chronic disease.

Recommended test cards:
Lipids+Glucose, screening for metabolic diseases


Bedside test:
In order to get patient testing data quickly and develop follow-up treatment plan to reduce the sudden death rate for all levels of hospitals emergency and bedside testing.

Recommended test cards:
Lipids+Glucose, liver function, kidney function


Initial screening of blood donors:
Applied in blood stations or blood donation vehicles for initial screening of blood donors.

Recommended test cards:
Screening of blood donors

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