5L oxygen concentrator 24 hours working available with France molecular sieve bed

Short Description:


♦Basis on the customer’s requirements.  KSOC-5 oxygen concentrator has voltage alarm function, optional oxygen density indicator, current running time, total running hours, timing function, sound and light alarm function of power off, and pressure alarm function.

Working principles

♦ KSOC-5 of Medical oxygen concentrator is made up of filter system, compressor, adsorb tower, electrical control system, humidifier system and the reasonable air course from case structure. It adopts the current world’s advanced transformation absorption (PSA) principle. It separates the oxygen and nitrogen under common temperature and pressure, then obtain the medical oxygen which consists with the Medical standards. Pure physical manner of making oxygen, without any additives, no disposals, pollution-free, fresh and natural.

Product Detail

5L oxygen concentrator 24 hours working available with France molecular sieve bed


5L oxygen concentrator  24 hours working av (1)



Oxygen concentrator


Product Features:

♦America PSA technology offer nature oxygen

♦France Imported molecular sieve bed

♦Reliable and durable oil free compressor

♦Available 24 hours continuous working

♦Self-diagnostic system with error code indication

♦It is designed for the acquirement of high purity oxygen for medical use.

♦ Energy-saving and economical: more than 3 hour’s oxygen inhalations just need 1-degree electricity.

♦ Bacteria filter inside can keep away 99.999% bacteria in the air.

♦ Alarms for high/low pressure, power failure, and air blockage.

♦ Protection for over-heat and over-load.


Material for main structure:

Main Structure


Fliting system Foam filter, ABS resin, No Nonwoven fabric
Compressor ZL102cast alum, filling PTFE
Absorption chamber 6063 alum alloy、O5 zeolite
Electrical system PCB, Silicon components
Humidifying system ABS resin, Polypropylene
Case ABS resin



♦ Model: KSOC-5

♦ Oxygen Purity: 93±3%

♦ Flow Range: 1-5L

♦ Input Voltage: 220V/110V

♦ Noise: 48dB

♦ Output Pressure: 30-70kPa

♦ Power: 350W

♦ Weight: 18kg

♦ Size: 390mm×310mm×590mm

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