3L concentrator oxygen streamline design with USA technology oil free compressor

Short Description:

♦America PSA technology offer nature oxygen

♦France Imported molecular sieve bed

♦Reliable and durable oil free compressor

Product Detail

3L concentrator oxygen streamline design with USA technology oil free compressor


 3L concentrator oxygen streamline design with (1)19


Oxygen concentrator


Product Detail:

♦Available 24 hours continuous working

♦Self-diagnostic system with error code indication


♦Power off alarm, Overload protection, High/Low pressure alarm, Temperature alarm, Error code indication, Nebulizer, Oxygen purity alarm


♦ Model: KSOC-3

♦ Oxygen Purity: 93±3%

♦ Flow Range: 1-5L

♦ Input Voltage: 220V/110V

♦ Noise: 43dB

♦ Output Pressure: 30-70kPa

♦ Power: 320W

♦ Weight: 18kg

♦ Size: 390mm×310mm×590mm

Working conditions

♦Power: AC 220V±22V,50 Hz±1Hz.

♦Environment temperature: 5℃40℃and relative humidity≤75% under the condition of non-condensation.

♦Air pressure: 86 kPa106kPa


♦Put the oxygen concentrator in a convenient and safe place where there is air flow and make sure its back case is at least 15 cm away from the wall, window or any other things that are obstructing the airflow.

How to use

♦The power switch is read “off”.

♦Insert the cable pin of the oxygen concentrator fast into the slot of the power switch 220V(50Hz) and connect the power.

♦Unscrew the humidifier, put the distilled water or cold water into the humidifier to its prescribed level from Max and Min level of humidifier in case of over flow or uneven humidifier for lack of water as picture 1 shows.

♦Put the humidifier onto the oxygen concentrator and fix it with the rubber band. Connect the outlet of the oxygen concentrator and inlet of the humidifier with the soft tube.

♦Connect the oxygen cannula of nasal pipette or oxygen tube with the humidifier outlet tightly or oxygen outlet of concentrator directly for fear for leak.

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